Jaxon 1.2020 - Jeremy Oswald

Jeremy Oswald lives in Washburn Wisconsin and has been taking photos since the 80's as a grade schooler.  Mostly self taught through a lot of practice and asking better photographers questions, Jeremy captures images because he loves it. 

Let's switch to first person: I love taking photos. I love taking photos that are good - great light, tight focus and are compelling. I bring those needs to all shoots and will work hard to make the images you desire special to you and me.

Training: I took the same photo class in college that you did, worked in the darkroom, got a digital camera when everyone else did, learned how to edit on a computer. 

I have taken a couple of workshops from this guy Bryan Hansel who upped my quality a lot. I'm grateful to him and the Chequamegon Bay Arts Council who gave me a grant to help take the first workshop. I'll work with you to get the image you want!

I shoot digital with a Nikon. I have a variety of lenses and a bunch of other camera stuff. If you are a camera person and want to have camera talk, let me know!