Jeremy Oswald
Swoosh Egg II

Jeremy Oswald

Let's get those photos taken!

Jeremy Oswald is First Click Photo, ready to take photos for any occasion and purpose.

Jeremy Oswald lives in Washburn Wisconsin and has been taking photos since the 80's as a grade schooler.  Mostly self taught through a lot of practice and asking better photographers questions, Jeremy captures images because he loves it. 

Let's switch to first person: I love taking photos. I love taking photos that are good - great light, tight focus and are compelling. I bring those needs to all shoots and will work hard to make the images you desire special to you and me.

Training: I took the same photo class in college that you did, worked in the darkroom, got a digital camera when everyone else did, learned how to edit on a computer. 

I have taken a couple of workshops from this guy Bryan Hansel who upped my quality a lot. I'm grateful to him and the Chequamegon Bay Arts Council who gave me a grant to help take the first workshop. I'll work with you to get the image you want!

I shoot digital with a Nikon. I have a variety of lenses and a bunch of other camera stuff. If you are a camera person and want to have camera talk, let me know!